Note:This is a mascot of our wiki,so don't mess with this page.Wanna hear the story?Let us begin.So,all the playable Mario Kart characters were in the woods and found an Avatar!Then Mewtwo and Mew fighted again,but eventually stopped.In the middle of the air was an Angry bird!Then,dinosaurs came back to life!The extinction god was mad about this,so a meteor crashed on Earth.The eruption god was super angry about that.Second after second,two mountain figures begin to take shape.Sonic and friends were running at that area when Mario,Luigi,Sonic and their friends saw it!Grumble Volcano And Dk Mountain!Then,Pokemon took shape,The area started quaking.The Earth started shaking!The dinosaurs and the extinction god fell in the cracks and never came back!Mario,Sonic and their friends ran into the woods!Then the best thing happened!The two mountains' lava collided.Then,9000 Million helicopters with 100 missiles appeared.But the waterfalls of Yoshi Falls destroyed them.Then the Earth exploded.The end.But I want to tell you something.The Mario Kart Characters are all from the Wii,including the Miis!


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