One day I was on planning to go on vacation, so I went on a plane heading towards Greece, but it crashed in a jungle for some reason. I, surprisingly, had only minor scratches, bruises, and a paralyzed minor joint. After seeing my injuries, I headed out towards the jungle and walked. The stroll seemed to go on forever and ever, with no subtle changes....until there was a sign that said "WELCOME TO UGANDA". I then treated the rainforest with caution, avoiding sounds, water that might contain disease, and other hazards. Until now, I didn't notice the light in the distance. I was busy walking and watching out for things, just seemingly heading towards nowhere. And then I saw it. A white silver of light in the distance. As I headed towards it, it grew larger, and larger, and large that I was in a space of whiteness and nothing else. Then I tripped, and it was still white. I felt myself being moved by an unknown force though I was not moving myself. The next thing you know, I found myself in a clearing, where I started exploring.