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TailsYou can make it better by adding stuff. OhdearTHISHAPPENSAGAIN PlayFMLtomakethiscooler FinnandJakeFists MastaBelchz A City In Florida A City In Florida A City In Florida why won't u why won't u why won't u sonic rules klonoa rules mario party rules deadmau5 rules spike rules this rules plz make a change when ur out it will be saved OR ELSE

  • Tails and knuckles
  • metal sonic
  • my little pony
  • Dk mountain
Earthbound Intro02:13

Earthbound Intro

intro of earthbound


The medal

Mk dd

The Mario Bros in their kart



Narwhals,narwhals,they could do an empty fail.Causing a commotion,exploding in the ocean.Just the beginning.Now add any word to this story.A chicken stole Koopa's pancakes.Of course,the chicken was looking for a Kappa,but found a Koopa.Get the names?All right.Find the secret message

The RaceEdit

Djdhtjfdhfjfudjrutjfidsuorfmskspridksirjdksurhfjdududunarwhalsaresoawesomedjdudjddidusidjdjddjdudjdiddyudsififkdmsmfossiwmwkfhdgejtovnxmdjfjfmsiejfeudddjdujfjfckfifiwjwosjfmcosfncmdijfv.Tell me the answer in the comments.Then Sonic got eaten by meat eater Apatosaurus!Actually,that was not a carnivore,so,:[.Now the pony team,the Mario Bros,the Toad Trio,and Yoshi alone raced.Mario Bros and the Toad Trio went last.TTT in 4th(last,and the Mb in 3rd.The ponies were in the lead,but Yoshi catches up.Yo yo!Said Yoshi, as the lightning crashed into a wall.The ponies were in second.btw,what is LIGHTNINGZ doing here?Well,all of a sudden,Lakitu popped out of nowhere and said"Yoshi is in the lead"

A Message From Pooh-They Steal HoneyEdit

Another secret message if you know Winnie The Pooh.


Another,post your answer In the comments.3,2,1,NEXT

The GlitchEdit

Ponies were flying everywhere,Yoshiz hacked the ponies,and tthee screeen waaaas ovvveeeerrrrllloared with piggeonskskfidsifjdkdjdjdjduddedidujdkccj*Blackout*

It glitched so I was going to say the screen was overloaded with pigeons.

Piglet with Badges and a PollEdit

Help pppiglet


No not the creator of the wiki.It was Piglet

Is this for real



The poll was created at 02:02 on January 24, 2014, and so far 1 people voted.


Future of Gaming Next Generation Consoles Episode 309:35

Future of Gaming Next Generation Consoles Episode 3

KITTY RAN AWAY BECAUSE...oh it's just a friendly puppy.BUT A LAZOR CAme!

  • Yodeling veterinarian of the Alps*

The name makes me



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