Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is a ride that opened in Disneyland and Disney World.


Guests board a cart with a character's name(Ex.Moley)on it.Then you crash into Toad Hall where MacBadger is seen with books.You then see an upcoming knight statue that will fall,but you avoid it.You then see Weasels hanging on chandeliers,while a door opens as you see Moley eating who gets knocked aside.Now you go to the countryside,aggravating policemen,and terrifying a farmer and his sheep.You enter the city now,and you have an expression that your car is going to plunge into the water,but your car makes a quick turn.You now enter a warehouse full of barrels and TNT,and as you enter a brick wall,the contents of the warehouse explode as you enter town seeing a sign saying:CAUTION:WILD HOGS,avoiding a close collision with a delivery truck,and entering Winky's Pub,you wreck further havoc in the citizens as you enter court,where policemen and a Judge are there,as you see more policemen as have the feeling you are going to jail,but a headlight of a train appears and you crash into it.You know where you go?That's right.HELL,as the Judge is seen in devil form.You see some small devils that wiggle up and down(probably greeting you),and a devil dragon that wants to burn you into crisps.Then the ride ends,as it starts again.

Matic KingdomEdit

This has 2 mini sections,track 1 and track 2,so pay attention.The Pooh Ride replaced it on 1998.

Track 1Edit

Guests board the same cart,with Moley greeting you in Toad Hall.Then you crash into the fireplace and into a library.Possibly something like a library badger is moving its head up and down,while you avoid the same knight statue from Disneyland's version as you exit to the farm,meeting a pig,a sheep,a couple of cows,and the farmer.You go inside the barn and see farm birds flying as you enter the street with a lot of signs.You then go into town,following Jail,as the police wait.Now a prison section is what you are in with Weasels as prisoners.Back outside,Weasels are stopping some policemen as some police doors open,with a railroad crossing and a ringing bell.An unnoticed person is there,as you enter a tunnel crashing into a train.You then visit Hell,where the devils greet you and Satan jumps out of his lair,as you exit.