Mario Party!Was the first release of the Mario Party(The Wiki Of Everything Wiki)series.It was released on April 24,2014 for the 3DS, DSi, Wii, Wii U, XBOX 360, Playstations 3 and 4, Mac, PC, and on November 18, 2017 for the XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, 2DS, New 3DS, and a re-release for the PlayStation 4, Mac and PC.



The rest are...

  • Green Hill
  • Ponyville
  • Another realm of Pac-land
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Jugpot Falls
  • Sacred Ruins (Cave Story) UNLOCKABLE! See Team Cave Story in Unlockables for details.
  • Six Flags
  • Dragon Village
  • The Void (secret in Dragon Village; no boss.)
  • Factory (Kirby 64)
  • The Gate(SMRPG)

And the final board....

  • Giygas' Lair


Medals are collectible items you earn when you earn Party Points. You earn 20 for winning a minigame, 150 for winning a party, 75 for defeating a boss, and 500 for defeating the game. Here's a list of Medals:

  • Goomba Rival Medal (1000pts)
  • Koopa Rival Medal (2000pts)
  • Piranha Plant Rival Medal (3000pts)
  • Boo Rival Medal (4000pts)
  • Shy Guy Rival Medal (5000pts)
  • Monty Mole Rival Medal (6000pts)
  • Scuttlebug Rival Medal (7000pts)
  • Bob-Omb Rival Medal (8000pts)
  • Bullet Bill Rival Medal (9000pts)
  • Whomp Rival Medal (10000pts)
  • Thwomp Rival Medal (11000pts)
  • Galoomba Rival Medal (12000pts)
  • Buzzy Beetle Rival Medal (13000pts)
  • Hammer Bro Rival Medal (14000pts)
  • Chuck-ya Rival Medal (15000pts)
  • Pac-Man Friend Medal (16000pts)
  • Spyro Friend Medal (17000pts)
  • Twilight Sparkle Friend Medal (18000pts)
  • Spongebob Friend Medal (19000pts)
  • Klonoa Friend Medal (20000pts)
  • Quote Friend Medal (20000+ pts, need to win Sacred Ruins board)
  • Mickey Mouse Friend Medal (21000pts)
  • Kirby Friend Medal (22000pts)
  • Mallow Friend Medal (23000pts)
  • Geno Friend Medal (24000pts)
  • LEGO Friend Medal (25000pts)
  • Tails Friend Medal (26000ts)
  • Knuckles Friend Medal (27000pts)
  • Crash Friend Medal (28000pts)
  • Ness Friend Medal (29000pts)
  • Pikachu Friend Medal (30000pts)
  • Bowser Villain Medal (31000pts)
  • Plankton Villain Medal (32000pts)
  • King Dedede Villain Medal (33000pts)
  • Dr. Robotnik Villain Medal (34000pts
  • Giygas Villain Medal (35000pts)
  • Sonic Hero Medal (36000pts)
  • Link Hero Medal (37000pts)
  • Mario And Luigi Gold Spectacular Medal (38000pts)
  • Arceus Legendary Medal (39000pts)
  • Mew Mythical Medal (40000pts)

Bosses Edit

  • Ghost Submarine (Ocean)
  • Red (Shadow Realm)
  • Discord (Ponyville)
  • Spooky (Pac-land)
  • Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble, Plankton(Bikini Bottom)
  •  ?????(Jugpot Falls)
  • Heavy Press, ????(forgot name) (Sacred Ruins)
  • MEGA Coaster (Six Flags)
  •  ???(Dragon Realm)
  • HR-DR (Factory)
  • Exor, Smithy (The Gate)
  • Pokey, Giygas (of course) (Giygas' Lair)




  • Don't drop The Poptart!(Mickey has a challenge to run as fast as you can from a monster.can you do without dropping the Poptart?)
  • Thwomp-a-thon!(Either be the last standing or stay until the times runs out avoiding being crushed by thwomps!)
  • Match the Character!(Make your team match all the characters before your team does or before times is done!)
  • Pirahna Plant Maze (Get out of the maze first, avoiding Pirahna Plants along the way!
  • Skill Crane (Drop items on as many beetles as you can!
  • Draw Something (Try to draw the character on the screen successfully!)
  • Energy Charge (Tap A as much as possible to charge your energy to destroy targets!)

Rest are TBA.