Mario Party!Was the first release of the Mario Party(The Wiki Of Everything Wiki)series.It was released on April 24,2014.



The rest are...

  • Green Hill
  • Ponyville
  • Another realm of Pac-land
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Jugpot Falls
  • Dragon Village
  • The Gate(SMRPG)

And the final board....

  • Giygas' Lair




  • Don't drop The Poptart!(Mickey has a challenge to run as fast as you can from a monster.can you do without dropping the Poptart?)
  • Thwomp-a-thon!(Either be the last standing or stay until the times runs out avoiding being crushed by thwomps!)
  • Match the Character!(Make your team match all the characters before your team does or before times is done!)

Rest are TBA.


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